I called my doctor from home and was sitting in an exam room 10 minutes later, no cash/billing involved. I know Canadian healthcare bragging is the very worst kind of internet bragging but while I was walking home I just couldn’t help but feel angry about our experience in NYC, how we had to haggle over every hospital bill, adding insult to tragedy, feeling overwhelmed about having to pay more for health insurance than rent (which in NYC doesn’t come cheap either) while having a hospital experience that was cruel on many levels and didn’t need to be, having had a similar but much more compassionate and professional experience in Hamilton, Ontario. Instead of being relieved that we were able to move here and not suffer, I feel pissed off that this isn’t or won’t be the experience of lots of my friends and family. I don’t care what kind of hyphen-care you want to call it, whether it smacks of socialism or requires taxes to go up, health is just such a basic fucking thing for human lives and we all benefit when everyone has access to good basic care and they don’t have to spend their lives getting ulcers trying to make insurance payments and unfuck each bill they get in the mail.

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  2. artyucko said: The US healthcare system is a labyrinth of shit.
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